Etiquette and Expectations

  1. RESPECT; I treat everyone with the respect they deserve and expect the same in return. I believe, during our time, we should both be fully enjoying ourselves. No inappropriate, rude, hateful messages will not be tolerated.
  2. COMMUNICATION; I believe having an open dialogue is important. As well as safety. Any hurtful, inappropriate messages will not be answered. Feel free to ask general questions if you have one but personal, non-discreet questions again, will not be answered.
  3. NO NEGOTIATIONS; Donation details are laid out below, please do not ask.
  4. DONATIONS; This is expected to be taken care of once we are together. If you are using an app for the donation, let me know ahead of time.
    • Incall: Place in a visible spot before heading to the restroom where I will ask you to wash your hands (regardless of whether you just showered, washed them, etc.)
    • Outcall: Donation must be given up front upon arrival
  5. SUBSTANCES; Please make sure you are in a clear state of mind before our meeting. I understand the nerves but I cannot except clients completely intoxicated. (If that is something you do, please never bring it to an uncontrollable point or to my space)
  6. HYGIENE; Please come freshly showered, bad body odor will not result in a visit.
  7. PREBOOKING; This is always recommended. I also never require deposits but this will always guarantee our time together. I do offer same day meet-ups but I will need at least two hours or more to get ready beforehand.
  8. SCREENING; Everyone will be subject to screening for both incalls and outcalls. There are no expectations to this so if you are not comfortable with providing me the information asked for below, do not contact me.

*Gifts are not expected but always appreciated